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Introductory ScenariosAPL calculationPlot Arcs
Year 1 scenarios :RegionalsAdaptablesCores
Year 2 scenarios :RegionalsAdaptablesCores
Year 3 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCores
Year 4 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCores
Year 5 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCores
Year 6 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds
Year 7 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds
Year 8 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds
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Listed on this page are almost all of the Regional, Adaptable, Metaregional, Core, Introductory and Adapted scenarios which were available to play at home games in the UK. There are also numerous Special Event and Interactive scenario that have been run in the UK, those available for home play have been listed as well as all those for which we've got information that were only playable at Conventions. Full details of all the scenarios listed on this page can be found here. Most scenarios were playable for between ten months and two years between their release and their retirement, and had a staggered release schedule (generally being available for home play two months after they were available for convention play and one month after they were available for retail and gameday play). The last Living Greyhawk scenarios were released in June 2008, and all scenarios still in play retire at the end of 31st December 2008.

Regional Scenarios are set in Onnwal and cost 1 Time Unit per round to play (doubled for characters with a foreign Home Region). Some of them counted towards the TU requirements of various Regional Military Metaorganisations. Details of some Regional Scenarios can be found here on the Living Greyhawk website.

Adaptable Scenarios were only released in Year One and Year Two, and were modified to fit the Region in which they were played. They were otherwise similar to Core scenarios.

Metaregional Scenarios were introduced in Year Three and replaced Adaptable Scenarios. The Metaregional Scenarios available to play in the UK were those for Metaregion 5, the Splintered Suns Metaregion, of which Onnwal is a part. They cost 1 Time Unit per round to play. Details of some Metaregional Scenarios can be found here on the Living Greyhawk website.
The Splintered Suns Metaregionals originally (at the start of Year 3) had codes beginning ESA (Europe & South Africa), but due to structural reorganisation the remaining Year 3 Metaregionals and all of the Year 4 and Year 5 Metaregionals were given codes beginning TSS (The Splintered Suns). At RPGA request Metaregionals from Year 6 onwards once again had codes beginning ESA (Environs of Southern Aerdy).

Core Scenarios were usually (but not always) set in the parts of the Flanaess not covered by any of the individual Regions, and cost 2 Time Units per round to play. Details of some Core Scenarios can be found here on the Living Greyhawk website.

Adapted Scenarios were adaptations of commercially published adventure packs for Living Greyhawk play, released from Year 6 onwards. They count as multiple round Core Scenarios in most respects.

Regional Introductory Scenarios were set in Onnwal. They were aimed at new players, in order to give them a feel for the Region and its current plots in an adventure tailored for 1st level characters.

Specials & Interactives were either epic and dangerous scenarios primarily designed for convention play, or short scenarios that acted as preludes or epilogues to other scenarios (also often intended for convention play. Core Specials often offered more experience and treasure than normal Core scenarios, with increased access and favours, while Regional Specials and Interactives offered only half the experience and treasure of normal Regionals, with little or no access or favours.

A number of scenarios mention being prequels or sequels of other scenarios without being part of an officially named series, where this is the case I have invented an appropriate series name for the purpose of reference within this website. Also, a number of the early Regional Introductory scenarios and Regional Special scenarios had ambiguous, conflicting or entirely absent scenario codes, where this is the case I have given them an invented scenario code for ease of reference within this website.

Introductory Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsNotes
INT7-01Ambition's Folly2
INT7-02Trial by Fire2
INT7-03A Dead Man's Job2
INT7-04Ritual of the Damned2
ONWI3-01Escape From Obelstone2New characters only
ONWI4-02The Belonging Kind21st level characters only, review
ONWI4-03The Collector21st level characters only, review
ONWI5-01Battle for Vandrell21st level PCs only
ONWI6-01Shoreswell22 rounds, 1st level PCs only

Year One Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW1-01Escape From Scant2Prophecies & Portents 01st level PCs only
ONW1-02To Catch a Traitor2-4Traitor 1
ONW1-03Glaive's Gambit2-4Knights of the Splintered Sun 1
ONW1-04Nature's Course2-6
ONW1-05Last Respects2
ONW1-06Remember the Farmers2-6Remember the Farmers 1Summary
ONW1-07Hunters Hunted2-6
ONW1-08Rashta's Brother2-6
ONWS01The Long Night2-8convention play only
ADP1-04What Lies Beneath2-6Dark Stranger 1
ADP1-05Festival Knight2-4
ADP1-06Snake in the Grass2-4
ADP1-07Afternoon Outing2-42 rounds
ADP1-08A Plea From Beyond the Grave2-4Your Worst Nightmare 1
ADP1-10An Evil Morning4-6
TristorThe Fright at Tristor2
COR1-01Dragon Scales at Morningtide2
COR1-02The Reckoning2-4Brendingund Saga 1
COR1-03River of Blood2Absolute Power 1
COR1-04Fires of the Storm Tower2-4
COR1-05Brendingund's Bride2-4Brendingund Saga 22 rounds
COR1-06The Forbidden Choice2-4Forbidden Choice 1
COR1-07Brendingund's Blood2-4Brendingund Saga 3
COR1-08The Future's Bright2-4Sins of Ages Past 1
COR1-09Swamp Things2-4
CORS1-01The Temple of Elemental Evil IunknownWinter Fantasy 2001
CORS1-02The Temple of Elemental Evil IIunknown2 rounds, Origins 2001

Year Two Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW2-01The Navel of the Goddess2-6
ONW2-02Death, By Luna's Light4-6
ONW2-03Trouble at Mill2-6
ONW2-04Rest in Peace2-6Remember the Farmers 2Summary
ONW2-05To Hunt a Traitor2-10Traitor 2
ONW2-06Blazing Banner4-8Knights of the Splintered Sun 2
ONW2-07Memento2-6Legacy of Chert 1
ONW2-08Marooned2-8Legacy of Chert 22 rounds
ONWS2-1AThe Envoy - Part 12-10"Death, By Luna's Light" epilogueconvention & home play
ONWS2-1BThe Envoy - Part 22-10"Death, By Luna's Light" epilogueconvention & home play
ONW2-06PPilgrims in an Unholy Land2-10"Blazing Banner" preludeconvention & home play
ONWS02Sins of the Father2-8convention play only
ONWS03Consecrations2-14convention play only
ADP2-01Descent Into Darkness4-8Dark Stranger 2
ADP2-02Scent of a Demon4-8Your Worst Nightmare 2
COR2-01As He Lay Dying4-10Absolute Power 22 rounds
COR2-02Brendingund's Brood2-8Brendingund Saga 4
COR2-03Amidst the Mists & Coldest Frosts2-8+1TU optional section
COR2-04Birthday Bash4-12Gloom & Disunion 1
COR2-05Beneath the Veil2-12Gloom & Disunion 2+1TU optional section
COR2-06Finder's Keepers4-10
COR2-07Ashes of Innocence4-12To Serve the Greater Good 1
COR2-08Echo2-12Ether Threat 2
COR2-09The Final Reckoning2-12Brendingund Saga 5
COR2-10Forgotten Echoes2-10Forbidden Choice 2
COR2-11Escape From Tenh2-10Ether Threat 3+1TU optional section
COR2-12Plague of the Third Season6-10Your Worst Nightmare 3
COR2-13Into The Dying Lands2-10Ether Threat 3
CORS2-01The Fright At Tristor (Reissue)2Reissue of Tristor
CORS2-02Isle of WoetieredEther Threat 1Home play version, 4 rounds

Year Three Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW3-01The Prophet2-10Prophecies & Portents 1
ONW3-02Pyrtura2-8Prophecies & Portents 2
ONW3-03Glaives Gathering4-10Knights of the Splintered Sun 3
ONW3-04Shadow on the Storm2-10
ONW3-05To Hell & Back2-12Remember the Farmers 32 rounds, Summary
ONW3-06For Want of a Nail2-12
ONW3-07To Kill a Kesh6-12Prophecies & Portents 32 rounds
ONWS3-01Storm Upon The Volanots2-10convention only
ONWS3-02Siege of Tarlesan2-10convention only
ONWS3-03A Race Through Dark Places2-10"Shadow on the Storm" preludeconvention & home play
TSS3-01Stonecunning2-8Trust or Treason 1
TSS3-02Legacy of Madness2-102 rounds
TSS3-03Legacy of Madness (2nd round)
TSS3-04The Glory of Times Past2-8Re-Enactment 1review
TSS3-05For the Family's Honour2-8
TSS3-06The Prisoner2-10Broken Chains 1
TSS3-07The Lance of Osson2-10
TSS3-08Prisoners of the Calling Mines21st level characters only
COR3-01The Hidden Fortress4-10Sins of Ages Past 2
COR3-02Return to the Isles2-12Ether Threat 5
COR3-03Fury of a Cold Manís Heart2-12To Serve the Greater Good 2review
COR3-04By Cunning and Forced Cause2-12
COR3-05Circle of Sin2-12
COR3-06Witch Hunt4-12Real Hero Blues 1
COR3-07Bridge Over Svartjet - cancelledGloom & Disunion 4
COR3-08A Man With Nothing6-14To Serve the Greater Good 3review
COR3-09Face Value2-12Tome of Clarity & Mists 1
COR3-10Sepulchre of the Wizard-King6-12Ether Threat 62 rounds, +2TU optional section
COR3-11Forlorn Memories4-14Forbidden Choice 3
COR3-12Endgame6-14Ether Threat 8
COR3-13Traitor's Road2-10(Prophecies & Portents)
COR3-14Hunt for the Rogue4-10Blemu Hills 1+1TU optional section
COR3-15Nine Lives2-10
COR3-16Lerara2-16Sea of Dust 1
COR3-17When Orcs Attack2-6Running With The Baatezu 1review
COR3-18Through Nature to Eternity10-16Nature to Eternity 1
CORS3-1Assault on the Vault2-12Gloom & Disunion 3convention only
CORS3-2Dust of the Dead World4-12Ether Threat 7convention & home play version
CORS3-3Return to the Ghost Tower of Inverness2-16Absolute Power 3conventions only

Year Four Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW4-01Prisoners of War2-12
ONW4-02The Hills are Alive6-12Prophecies & Portents 4
ONW4-03The Greatest Enemy2-12
ONW4-04Return to Bigby's Modest Home2-10
ONW4-05March on Gullhaven4-14review
ONW4-06A Strange Sacrifice2-82 rounds
ONWS4-01The Battle of Alertann2-10Conceptions convention only
ONWS4-02Assault on Tessek's Cove2-12Excaliber convention only
ONWS4-03Gates of the Gildenlea2-12GenConUK convention only
TSS4-01The Verdant Trail2-10Trust or Treason 2
TSS4-02Blood Money2-12+1 TU optional section
TSS4-03Woodland Trail2-14
TSS4-04Crossfire4-10Broken Chains 2
TSS4-05A Private Little War6-12
TSS4-06Wind Reaping4-12When The Wind Blows 2
TSS4-07Cat's Grace4-10Re-Enactment 2
COR4-01Shedding Scales2-12Windows to the Serpent's Soul 1
COR4-02The Stone Man's Puzzle6-10Stone Man 1
COR4-03Tropical Intrigue2-12
COR4-04Red Tide4-122 rounds
COR4-05Crystal Caverns of the Cairn Hills2-82 rounds
COR4-06Duke of the Dust2-10Children of the Dust 1
COR4-07Full Circle to Oblivion8-16To Serve the Greater Good 4
COR4-08The Letter2-12Tome of Clarity & Mists 2
COR4-09A Tiger? In Ahlissa?2-6Running With The Baatezu 2
COR4-10Riddle of the Dust2-10Children of the Dust 2
COR4-11Crimson Thorns2-16
COR4-12Key to the Grave2-6Key to Greyhawk 2
COR4-13A Wretched Soul10-16Nature to Eternity 2
COR4-14Sympathy For The Baatezu2-8Running With The Baatezu 3
COR4-15War of the Dust4-14Children of the Dust 32 rounds
COR4-16The Frozen Spire6-12Sins of Ages Past 32 rounds
COR4-17Real Hero Blues8-16Real Hero Blues 2
COR4-18It Never Rains In Nyrond2-8Running With The Baatezu 4
COR4-19That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known2-6
CORS4-1And All Things Come to Dust2-16Sea of Dust 2conventions only
CORSP4-2Dragon Lore Prophecies2-18Windows to the Serpent's Soul Aminimodule, no ARs
CORS4-2Here There Be Dragons2-18Windows to the Serpent's Soul B2 rounds, convention & home play
CORS4-3Castle Greyhawktieredconventions only
CORS4-4Mad God's Key2Key to Greyhawk 11st level only, 2 rounds

Year Five Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW5-01A Crisis Of Faith4-12
ONW5-02The Rescue2-12
ONW5-03The Unplumbed Depths4-12Liberation of Scant 32 rounds
ONW5-04The Truth in Music2-12
ONWS5-01Return to Gullhaven2-10Liberation of Scant 1review
ONWS5-02The Message2-10Liberation of Scant 2
ONWS5-03For The Rescue2-8companion to ONW5-02
ONWS5-04AThe Subservient Serpent4-6Liberation of Scant 3AExcaliber Convention only
ONWS5-04BTo Obelstone By Shore & Sword8-12Liberation of Scant 3BExcaliber Convention only
ONWS5-05ABeacon In The Night2-6Liberation of Scant 4AGenConUK only
ONWS5-05BBeheading Halmarn6-10Liberation of Scant 4BGenConUK only
ONWS5-05CSeas Alive10-14Liberation of Scant 4CGenConUK only
ONWS5-06AInto The Breach2-6Liberation of Scant 5AGenConUK only
ONWS5-06BWalls Of Scant6-10Liberation of Scant 5BGenConUK only
ONWS5-06CThrough The Stench Of Darkness10-14Liberation of Scant 5CGenConUK only
ONWS5-06EThe Final Countdown10-14Liberation of Scant 5EGenConUK only
ONWS5-06FThe Low City Of Scant2-6Liberation of Scant 5FGenConUK only
ONWS5-06GSafe As Houses6-10Liberation of Scant 5GGenConUK only
ONWS5-06HThe Lady Of Veils10-14Liberation of Scant 5HGenConUK only
ONWS5-06IStorming The Bastion2-6Liberation of Scant 5IGenConUK only
ONWS5-06JThe Tal Marith10-14Liberation of Scant 5JGenConUK only
ONWS5-07Season of Gifts2-8
TSS5-01Ten Minutes2-12Trust or Treason 3+ optional section
TSS5-02Seeds4-14When The Wind Blows 32 rounds
TSS5-03The Medegian Job4-14
TSS5-04The Sun & The Nightingale4-10
TSS5-05Midsummer Nightmare8-14Broken Chains 3
COR5-01The Stone Man's Missive6-12Stone Man 2
COR5-02The Voice of Reason2-142 rounds
COR5-03Atonement2-8Consequences 1
COR5-04Desecrators of the Lord's Tomb2-12Second Chances 1
COR5-05A Marked Man2-12
COR5-06Blood on Bright Sands2Blight on Bright Sands 1New characters only
COR5-07Rings Within Rings6-12Blemu Hills 2
COR5-08Clipping Wings2-14Windows to the Serpent's Soul 2
COR5-09Gateway to Bright Sands2-8Blight on Bright Sands 2
COR5-10Bridge Over Svartjet - cancelled againGloom & Disunion 4formerly COR3-07
COR5-11Dark Deceit on Bright Sands2-8Blight on Bright Sands 4
COR5-12Return to the Undercity2-8
COR5-13The Price of Power2-14Tome of Clarity & Mists 3
COR5-14All Roads Lead to Rauxes6-12Running With The Baatezu 52 rounds
COR5-15Immortal Longings10-16Nature to Eternity 3
COR5-16Here Comes The Sun2-8
COR5-17Time's Tide on Bright Sands2-16Blight on Bright Sands 5
COR5-20Phantoms on Bright Sands2-16Blight on Bright Sands 6
CORS5-01The Jungle of Lost Ships2-16conventions only
CORS5-02Mines of the Eye2-16Blight on Bright Sands 3convention & home play
CORS5-03Secrets of Tsojcanthtieredconventions only

Year Six Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW6-01Screams of the Damned6-12Prophecies & Portents 62 rounds
ESA6-01Knife's Edge4-12Broken Chains 4
ESA6-02Shattered2-12Trust or Treason 4
ESA6-03River to the Sea of Choices2-8
ESA6-04Gift of the Tempest2-10Terrors of the Deep 1also playable as NMR6-05
ESA6-05Point of View2-8
COR6-01A Story For Another Day10-16Real Hero Blues 3
COR6-02Rallying Point for the Bright Sands2-16Blight on Bright Sands 72 rounds
COR6-03Riders Of The Grave2-8
COR6-04A Long Way For A Little Knowledge2-8
COR6-05The Barbarous Coast2-12
COR6-06Elegy for a Broken King10-16
COR6-07From The Dust6-14Legacy of Life 1
COR6-08Catching Breath2-16Windows to the Serpent's Soul 3
COR6-09Beneath the Bright Sands2-12Blight on Bright Sands 9
COR6-10Murder in Elmshire2-8Murder 1
COR6-11Return to the Storm Tower2-12
COR6-12The Calm Before The Storm2-12Slaver 1
COR6-13Tears for the Bright Sands4-14Blight on Bright Sands 10
COR6-14Cloud of Darkness10-16Sins of Ages Past 4
COR6-15The Shrouded Shores of Abanfyl8-16Legacy of Life 22 rounds
COR6-16Dominion Over Bright Sands6-16Blight on Bright Sands 112 rounds
COR6-17Something of Value10-16
COR6-18Storm Ebb2-8
COR6-19Heir Aberrant2-8
COR6-20Shades of Grey2-12
CORS6-01The Hanging Glacier2-16conventions only
CORS6-02Pits of Azak-Zil2-16Blight on Bright Sands 8convention & home play
CORS6-03Shadows of the Dread Spiral2-16conventions only
ADP6-01Fane of the Drow47 TUs, requires this product
ADP6-02Hellspike Prison9 or 128 TUs, requires this product
ADP6-03The Red Hand of Doom6 to 95 parts, 51 TUs, requires this product
ADP6-04Fields of Ruin87 TUs, requires this product

Year Seven Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW7-01Orphans of the Storm6-12
ONW7-02The Scars of War2-8
ONW7-03Bottom of the Truth2-10
ONWS7-01It Is Dark (Path 1)2-6Q-Con 14 Convention only
ONWS7-02It Is Dark (Path 2)6-8Q-Con 14 Convention only
ONWS7-03It Is Dark (Path 3)8-12Q-Con 14 Convention only
ESA7-01Wooden Ships & Souls of Iron2-10
ESA7-02No Parley in the Pirate's Code2
ESA7-03The Wake of the Tempest2-10Terrors of the Deep 2also playable as NMR7-02
ESA7-04Head or Tails4-12Broken Chains 5
ESA7-05And All The Prince's Men4-10
ESA7-06Eye of the Tempest4-16Terrors of the Deep 32 rounds
COR7-01Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors10-16
COR7-02Bitter Fruit10-16Consequences 2
COR7-03Second Chances2-8Second Chances 2
COR7-04Freak of Nature2-8
COR7-05City of Malice2-12Slaver 2
COR7-06Drowning By Numbers10-16
COR7-07Storm Harvest 6-14When The Wind Blows 4
COR7-08Sins of the Father2-8
COR7-09Past Debts2-8
COR7-10Dark Gem2-12
COR7-11Hidden Cache2-8
COR7-12Heart's Desire2-8
COR7-13Journey to the Hidden Shrine2-8
COR7-14The Densac Queen2-12
COR7-15Taking Flight10-14Windows to the Serpent's Soul 4
COR7-16Divided We Stand10-14Legacy of Life 3
COR7-17Rivalry & Treachery2-8
COR7-18Into the Mist2-8
COR7-19Wrath of the Slavelords4-12Slaver 3
COR7-20Murder in the River Quarter2-8Murder 2
CGR7-01Ruins of Discovery2Greyhawk Ruins 11st level PCs only, 4 parts
CGR7-02Into The Silent Halls2-4Greyhawk Ruins 24 parts
CORS7-01The City of Brass: The Burning Mansion2-16conventions only
CORS7-02Rise of the Spider Queen2-14two tiers, convention & home play
CORS7-03Into White Plume2-14conventions only
ADP7-01Dragondown Grotto107 TUs, requires this product
ADP7-02Scourge of the Howling Horde25 TUs, requires this product
ADP7-03The Frostfell Rift - Part 164 TUs, requires this product
ADP7-04The Frostfell Rift - Part 2144 TUs, requires this product
ADP7-05Barrow of the Forgotten King4 to 5Forgotten King 12 parts, 11 TUs, requires this product
ADP7-06Expedition to the Demonweb Pits103 parts, 32 TUs, requires this product

Year Eight Scenarios

CodeScenario titleAPLsSeriesNotes
ONW8-01The Beautiful Death2-8Remember the Farmers 4optional extra section
ESA8-01Calling of the Mines6-14Broken Chains 6
ESA8-02Old Debts4-12optional extra section
COR8-01Machinations2-12Honour Among Thieves 1
COR8-02Raiders of the Chaos Fields2-8
COR8-03Aspirations2-12Honour Among Thieves 2
COR8-04Bridge Over Svartjet8-14Gloom & Disunion 4
COR8-05Pyre of the Righteous6-14Rise of the Ancients 1
COR8-06Entrapment8-16Ascension 22 rounds
COR8-07Celebrations2-12Honour Among Thieves 3
COR8-08Lost Souls Eternal6-14Ascension 3
COR8-09Ruins of Slumber6-14Rise of the Ancients 2
COR8-10Chains of Darkness10-16Ascension 42 rounds
COR8-11Restoration & Empire10-14Rise of the Ancients 3
COR8-12Foundations2-12Honour Among Thieves 4
CGR8-01Crypts of the Forgotten2-6Greyhawk Ruins 33 parts
CGR8-02Shatterstone2-8Greyhawk Ruins 44 parts, optional extra section
CORS8-01Whispers of the Obsidian Citadel6-14Ascension 12 rounds
CORS8-02Wheels Within Wheels10-16Ascension 52 rounds
ADP8-01The Sinister Spire6Forgotten King 22 parts, 14 TUs, requires this product
ADP8-02Fortress of the Yuan-ti9Forgotten King 311 TUs, requires this product
ADP8-03Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk8 to 12Greyhawk Ruins 54 parts, requires this product

Plot Arcs

A summary of the plot arcs and scenario series run in Living Greyhawk. Each one has the series title followed by the scenarios involved, series being arranged in chronological order with the most recent at the top.

APL (Average Player Level) Calculation

Each Living Greyhawk scenario could be run at a number of different difficulty settings, as appropriate to the group of PCs playing it. A scenario's difficulty setting is referred to as its "Average Player Level" or APL. A scenario's APL is always an even number - if the party's APL comes out as an odd number then they may choose to play at the next lower APL or the next higher APL (for example, a party with an APL of 3 may choose to play a scenario at either APL 2 or APL 4).
If your character's level is three or more levels lower or higher than the scenario's APL (for example a 1st or 7th level character playing an APL 4 scenario) then your character receives half experience and half treasure for that scenario. Generally an APL 4 scenario is still suitable for a 1st level character provided there are some harder characters around to look out for them and they exercise some caution and restraint about getting into the thick of things.
To calculate a group's APL add together the levels of the characters and divide by the number of players. Fractions less then half are rounded down, fractions of more than half are rounded up, fractions of exactly half may be rounded up or down at the GM's discretion. Then add one if there are six characters in the group, since large parties tend to cope better with scenarios than small ones. The entries in the table below show the range of total character levels a group may contain at each scenario APL from 2 to 14.

Number of playersPer round
APL456APLXP capGP cap
24-145-176-152450 xp450 gp
410-2213-279-274675 xp650 gp
618-3023-3721-396900 xp900 gp
826-3833-4733-5181125 xp1300 gp
1034-4643-5745-63101350 xp2300 gp
1242-5453-6757-75121575 xp3300 gp
1450-6063-7569-90141800 xp6600 gp

Familiars, Paladin mounts and Druid or Ranger animal companions don't affect the APL. A character with the Mounted Combat Feat may bring along a standard mount from the list on page 129 of the Player's Handbook without affecting the APL. Other animals will affect the APL.

Introductory ScenariosAPL calculationPlot Arcs
Year 1 scenarios :RegionalsAdaptablesCores
Year 2 scenarios :RegionalsAdaptablesCores
Year 3 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCores
Year 4 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCores
Year 5 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCores
Year 6 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds
Year 7 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds
Year 8 scenarios :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds
Scenario Details :RegionalsMetaregionalsCoresAdapteds

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