Laura's Reviews of Living Greyhawk Scenarios

It occurs to me that I play quite a lot of Living Greyhawk. Arguably too much. Sometimes it is a wonderful cross between wargaming and improvisational comedy. Sometimes it sucks.

So far, most people seem to rate LG modules on their profitability. I shall take a bold and radical step in rating them on how fun to play they are. I shall try to remain reasonably spoiler-free, but I'll hide the detailed reviews further down the page to protect your virgin eyes, 'kay?

My Criteria

March on GullhavenONW4-0589APL 10Jason2nd May '05
Return to GullhavenONWS5-0168APL 10Guy2nd May '05
FollyCOR3-1910101099APL 4Hanbury31st Aug. '04
The Glory of Times PastTSS3-046738APL 8Luke30th Aug. '04
When Orcs AttackCOR3-175773APL 2Andrew D12th Aug. '04
The CollectorONI-035777APL 2Ben5th Aug. '04
A Man With NothingCOR3-0899107APL 8Andrew H3rd Aug. '04
The Belonging KindONI-029989APL 2Xan29th July '04
Fury of a Cold Man's HeartCOR3-037837APL 8Ben27th July '04

March on Gullhaven
In total, I give it an 8½. A bit long, and not as dramatic as it could have been, but there's some good moral dilemmas, some interesting roleplaying and a couple of good fights in here.

Return to Gullhaven
I give it a 7½ in total. A bit linear, and the ending's a little anticlimactic, but well-constructed and nicely paced. It's trying to cover similar ground of moral ambiguity and negotiation as March on Gullhaven, but it doesn't work quite as well this time.

I loved Folly. I loveded it good. I give it a 10. Best module I've played since Legacy of Madness. Bear in mind, I'm rating it this highly because it's got everything I love in LG in it - puzzles, bizarre fight scenes on odd terrain, surrealism, weird architecture, eccentric NPCs, blatant slashiness... It's also a rather lovely retrospective on the old days of Greyhawk and 1st Edition, with old monsters, references to old adventures, and one particularly superb geeky injoke. I owe the guys who wrote this many many drinks if I ever run into them at a con.

The Glory of Times Past
I had a great time playing this module, I must say. We did start running out of time due to the group and the GM having more fun roleplaying and faffing about than following the plot... and when faffing is more fun than following the plot, there's something wrong with the plot. It was a brave experiment, an attempt to do something different with the LG format, and unfortunately it didn't actually work terribly well. Ah well. Kudos to the guy who wrote it for trying. 6½ for effort.

When Orcs Attack
4½, I reckon. Not a total dead loss, but if your attention wanders up from orc-bashing, you can get quite frustrated here. Could have been so much better with more attention to plot. Oh well.

The Collector
A plain 6½ here. It never screws up too badly, it's dangerous but not TPK material. On the other hand, it never really sparkles either. It's an efficient, short, neatly-written module, but not a terribly memorable one, except as "the one with the gruesome bits", which were pretty gratuitous.

A Man With Nothing
"Five Go Mad In Perdition"
Total rating of 9, I think. It's a cool, atmospheric, epic adventure... if you can find it within yourself not to mind about a bit of linearity and railroadiness, you can have a great time here.

The Belonging Kind
I give it a 9 overall. A nice, neat, sensible module, with some tough fights that required tactics rather than flangy weaponry to overcome. Reasonable length, quite nicely paced once it got started (but the very beginning was a bit slow). Wish we got more modules like this.
I think I'm gonna have to get a small false beard next time I'm playing cross-gender. Something to remind people that I'm supposed to be a bloke, dammit. I just don't seem to be naturally cut out for transvestitism.

Fury of a Cold Man's Heart
Overall, I give it a 5½ (rounding to nearest half). On the whole a fun evening, but the fights did drag a bit. And I swear some monsters' CRs as given in the MM are complete and utter lies. Thanks to Ben for a creditable job of GMing a somewhat flawed module.

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